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What is 3cp?

3cP is an apple-based system that allows color grading decisions to be made on-set by the DP and to communicate them directly to the colorist with of goal of avoiding creatively and production costly misunderstandings.

Using 3cP, everyone in the post-production environment has a precise preview of color decisions for dailies, pre post, matching special effects, and Digital intermediate (DI) final color grading. 3cP is available for purchase in three versions - stills, live and dailies- each tailored to a specific type of job on-set or off-set. As needs change and grow, upgrades are available to move from one version to the next.

3cP works with data from any file-based camera, including the Arri Alexa, RED EPIC, RED MX, Canon C300, Canon DSLRs and—with additional codec software—Vision Research Phantom high-speed .cine files and ArriRAW files, Sony XDcam and P2 compatible. 3cP also supports footage from Panasonic, Sony, Panavision, Viper and Silicon Imaging digital cameras.

3cP version 6.2 consists of three versions: 3cP/stills ($149), 3cP/live ($599), 3cP/dailies ($1799). Existing users can easily upgrade to version 6.1 by looking at our 3cP Upgrade Program.

Which version will work best for your needs? Click here to see version table.

3cp Version 6.2 --

What's New in Version 6.2:
- Support for Latest RED SDK, including compatiblity with RED Dragon
- Full support within OSX Mavericks (10.9)
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
For existing version 6 users, input your version 6 3cP serial number at to download the latest installer. Not yet running version 6? Upgrade to the latest version here.



"3cP is the first step on the road of communication between DP and Colorist. It is like a road sign - all 3cP features make this road shorter and more manageable. It works!"

Ueli Steiger, ASC Used 3cP on feature film "10,000 BC"

"3cP is very simple to use. It is a visual guide through the entire photographical process. From the transfer of the film negative to HD - dailies, the editing, the visual effects, until the digital intermediate."

Theo van de Sande, ASC Used 3cP on feature film "Yours, Mine and Ours"


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