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Gamma & Density Co. Log Chart System



About the Log Chart System:

The Gamma & Density Co. Log Chart System is a modular and customizable chart system to provide cinematographers with a benchmark for color and exposure, while providing crucial information to DITs and Post-Production about how the Log or RAW images should be interpreted.

Similar to the ways a film negative can be processed and interpreted, the digital image is also subject to processing and interpretation through easily accessible tools. Color charts, from the beginning, have been a method of communication between the Cinematographer and Post-Production (telecine, editorial, DI, etc.). This communication helped to ensure the creative intentions of the Cinematographer is present on footage for dailies and into the final color grade.

As new digital cameras change the way footage is captured, digital cinematography is no longer “what you see, is what you get”. The image seen on monitors during production is rarely the same image that is being captured. This influx of images captured with Log Gamma Curves and RAW capture create new possibilities for image interpretation, and further reinforce the necessity for a consistent color and exposure benchmark from which DITs and other members of post-production can realize the creative intentions of the Cinematographer.

Read the Log Chart System User Guide (PDF) for more information


About the Gamma & Density Co. Log Chart System:

The Gamma & Density Co. Log Chart System consists of three elements:


3cP-Log-1 Chart - ($300 US)

  • 11-step grey scale (labeled in f/stop values)

  • Large 18% Key Grey target

  • Gamma & Density Co. ERC (Easily Recognizable Colors)

  • Frame lines for 1.78:1 and 2.40:1 aspect ratio

  • Magnetic strips for mounting Accessories

  • On Back: Siemens star focus chart

  • Accessory Strips: 709 Colors and B/W Ramp - (included with Chart)

  • Magnetic accessory strips to be mounted on Log-1 Chart

  • Rec709 Calibrated Color Bars

  • Black / White Gradient Ramp

  • Easily upgradeable for future color space requirements



    Accessory Strips: Log Strips - ($35 per strip or as "Camera Bundles")

  • Magnetic accessory strips to be mounted on Log-1 Chart

  • Convert Log to a matching Rec.709 for each camera format

  • Waveform Percentage Values for Normal Exposure in Log Gamma Formats

  • Rec.709 Conversion Waveform Percentage Values

  • Color Saturation increase values from Log to Rec.709

  • Perfect for creating custom, matching LUTs between camera formats



    Log Strips are available for the following Camera formats:

    ARRI Alexa & Amira


    CANON C100/C300/C500

    Canon Log

    RED One, Scarlet & Epic



    SONY F65


    SONY F5 & F55

    SLog2 & Slog3

    Additional Camera Formats Coming Soon...


    The Gamma & Density Co. Log Chart System - in action:

    Original Alexa Log-C Image of Gamma & Density Log Chart

    - Roll Over Image to see Rec.709 Conversion -




    How it works:

    Using waveform percentage values provided on the Log Accessory Strip to normally expose the camera original Log-C gamma footage - users can create a Look-Up-Table (LUT) which transforms the footage into a standard linear "Rec.709" look.

    To create a custom LUT - check out Gamma & Density Co.'s system of DIT software products, 3cP SET + POST for Mac, Image Control Pro for iPad and ExpressColor for iPhone

    Scene with Custom LUT Applied - using same conversion LUT applied to GD Log Chart

    - Roll Over Image to see Rec.709 Conversion -


    Read the Log Chart System User Guide (PDF) for more information

    PURCHASE the Gamma & Density Co. Log Chart System in the Gamma & Density Store


    Frequently asked questions about THE Log Chart System:

  • Why do I need to shoot a chart with digital cameras?
  • Shooting a color chart during production (with film or digital) – either at the head of each scene, camera roll, lighting setup, visual look or in camera prep – assists DITs and Post-Production to understand how the digital image is meant to be interpreted in terms of exposure and color information.

    With this information, DITs on-set can begin to create a LUT (Look-Up Table), which is a digital file containing image manipulation data. The LUT can serve many purposes, either technical (matching monitors, creating color space simulations, etc) or aesthetic (designing creative look management, “normalizing” footage for dailies, etc). On-set and during dailies creation, that LUT can be applied to a batch of clips to ensure that all the clips in that batch are processed the same way.

    For more information, read the Log Chart User Guide.

  • What settings do I need to align on my camera to get the chart to match the Log Strips?
  • Information gathered for the Log Data Strips was done using camera manufacturer recommended settings to maximize captured dynamic range. For information about recommended ISO (EI), check informational material from your camera manufacturer. Sony F65, F5 and F55 utilize ISO in a different manner than other camera systems in order to maximize the dynamic range in RAW capture. For this reason, the Log Data Strips for Sony cameras must be set to the printed ISO value on the strip in order to insure consistent results when shooting Slog2 or 3 with RAW and/or Compressed capture.

    To ensure consistent color results, it is important to match the white balance on camera with the color temperature of the lights used to illuminate the chart. The best way to accomplish this is by using a color temperature meter. When determining normal exposure, it is important that all camera settings match the incident and/or reflected light meter (shutter speed, shutter angle, ISO, etc.)

    For more detailed information about how to properly light and shoot a color chart, read the Log Chart User Guide.

  • What if my Waveform Monitor only shows Millivolt (mV) values?
  • To convert mV values to IRE / Percentage values, use the Gamma & Density Universal Exposure Table for reference.

  • How powerful are the magnetic strips?
  • The Base Log Chart and Accessory Strips use consumer grade matched magnets to attach the strips to the chart. The magnets create a very small magnetic field and are safe to use in reasonable proximity to other electronics components. The chart and strips have been tested side-by-side with camera media, and the magnetic field created no ill-effects.

  • How can I match different cameras using the Log Chart?
  • The Log Strips will help to normalize the exposure (contrast) difference between different log gamma formats, however, it will not be able to perfectly match color discrepancies between camera formats. Each camera manufacturer has their own unique color science and method for reproducing colors. The chart will help provided a common color reference with the Rec.709 strip, but for perfectly matching color balance between cameras, users will have to employ sophisticated secondary color corrections and transform LUTs to compensate for the different color sciences.

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