Gamma & Density Co. Events

Announcing Our Newest Product:

Images from Cine Gear Expo 2015 Product Launch:

Gamma & Density Co. Founder Yuri Neyman, ASC gives opening remarks at CineGear 2015 Presentation

Gamma & Density Co.'s Jason Knutzen presents the details of 'Image Control'

Jason Knutzen gives a live demo of the new 'Image Control' for Mac

Powerful Image Analaysis tools in 'Image Control' when paired with a G&D Color Chart

Jason Knutzen demonstrates the 'Log Chart System' and Data Strips

The Gamma & Density Co. Log Chart System designed to simplify the process of working with Log and RAW

The Gamma & Density Co. Development Team (from L to R):
Project Manager Jason Knutzen, Developer Robert Currier and Founder/CEO Yuri Neyman, ASC


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