What is Image Control for iOs?

The mobile version of the Gamma & Density Co.'s popular Desktop Image Management Software is available as a mobile version - called Image Control™ for iOS. Working on portable touch screen devices such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, Image Control for iOS allows for even greater creative and technical freedom for contemporary image-

makers, while maintaining the predictable, consistent results the Gamma & Density Co. Image Management system (Image Control for Mac - Product Page) is known for world-wide. Gamma and Density Co. has its own proprietary system of calibration "Thorough Control System" (T.C.S.) successfully used in its software products for many years on dozens of pictures and with hundreds of customers.

Image Control for iOS sets its users completely free from the “dictatorship” of mouse-and-keyboard operation and huddling around a monitor in the video village or DIT cart. With Image Control for iOS you have the ability not only to “see the picture,” but to evaluate its exposure and color values—and to translate that into terms understood by everyone, novice to seasoned professional—in a handheld, portable format. Image Control for iOS is the next step in on–the-set/near-the-set image management, taking full advantage of touch-screen, gesture-based technology.

Technology has always been an important part of cinematography, and with the advent of iPhones, iPads and other personal handheld devices starting to proliferate the set, it makes sense to utilize this technology in a way that’s easy and convenient for a DP to set a look on set and establish an early communication with post. This app combines the mobility and convenience of the iPad with the increasingly important process of on-set color grading.

Image Control for iOS works by grading still frames of motion footage on the iPad in a calibrated screen enviroment, and then exporting those color corrections to post using our effective and industry accepted Gamma & Density Reports. The Reports include a file of the actual LUT or CDL that was created in Image Control for iOS.

Image Control Pro is our full featured version ($99.99 on App Store) and Image Control Lite is our basic version which offers specific features on an in-app purchase basis ($19.99 on App Store).

Read an interview with Gamma & Density CEO Yuri Neyman about Image Control Pro.



"I feel this will be extremely helpful and is an app I will be using from here on out. There are a few apps that I constantly use in my work and I think Image Control for iOS will be one of those."

Michael StreetCinematographer

"Image Control for iOS is a great way for me to bring the color controls to the DP, instead of being tied to a computer station. Image Control is the future of color correction technology - fast, mobile and time efficient"

Jason Knutzen Director of Photography / DIT


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