Image Control for iOS - screenshots

See the Image Control for iOS interface and see how the power of Image Control can fit in the palm of your hand!


The Project Bin screen, organize your stills here and view Scene & Take metadata.


Digital Spot Meter function with Zone System slider on bottom and Dynamic Range Indicator on top.


Previsualize different aspect ratios using the Masks tool.


Test instruments include (from Top to Bottom): Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope, Histogram and Tonal Curve


Color correction tools include Printer Lights with Hue & Saturation sliders. Create dramatic looks!


Color correction tools include Color Wheels. Correct color balance with a stroke of your finger!


Zone System slider, Dynamic Range Indicator and Test Instruments. Take total control of your image with Image Control for iPad.


Color Correction tools include RGB Sliders. Save your custom looks as a preset profile for quick batch grading.


Color Correction tools include Custom Curves controls. Use these Photoshop-style curves controls to take total control of the image.


Use any of our hundreds of pre-made profiles, which include Processing Simulators, Film & Print Stock Simulators, Filters, Input Profiles, etc.