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Image Control - Features List

User Interface

General Simple, straight forward design
Easy to learn
Resizable, customizable panels
Minimum screen resolution: 1440x900
Appearance Dark user interface for dark on-set environments
Toggle full-screen video
Manually set UI brightness

Camera Compatibility

Supported Camera Formats (native)

AJA Cion
Arri Alexa
Arri Alexa XT
Arri Amira
Blackmagic Cinema Camera
Blackmagic Production Camera 4k
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
Blackmagic URSA
Canon C100
Canon C300
Canon C500
Canon DSLRs
GoPro Hero 3
GoPro Hero 4
Canon DSLRs
DPX Image Sequences
DNG Image Sequences
Nikon DSLRs
Panasonic P2
Panavision Genesis
Red Dragon - Epic & Scarlet
Red One
Sony F5
Sony F55
Sony FS7
Sony FS700

Supported Camera Formats (with plug-ins) Phantom Flex4k
Sony F3
Codecs Supported (input) Apple ProRes
Canon XF

Color Correction

Tools Lift, Gamma, Gain Color Wheels
YRGB Sliders
Printer Lights
Hue & Saturation Slider
YRGB Curves
Preset Looks
Scopes Extended Range Test Instruments
Displayed in Percentage or mV values
Display with reflected f/stop values
Luma Waveform
YRGB Waveform
RGB Waveform
Overlay Waveform
Tone Curve
Calibration Built-in screen calibration utility
CDL Limit controls to ASC CDL values
Wipes Easily split screen between original and current grade
Preset Looks (Categories) Technical Profiles (listed in 'DIT Features')
Effect Looks
Film Stock Emulators
Film Print Stock Emulators
Film Processing Effects
Color Filters (Gels, Diffusion, Contrast)
User Created Looks
Look Import Import ASC CDL and 3D LUT (.cube format)

Device Support

Live Grading Native compatibility with HDLinkPro LUT Box
Connect & independently control multiple HDLinkPro boxes
Control Surface Support Tangent Wave
Tangent Element
Avid Artist Control
Video I/O Compatible with:
Blackmagic Decklink, Intensity, UltraStudio
AJA Kona, T-Tap, Io
Video I/O (input) Record HD in Image Control from SDI or HDMI stream via Video I/O device
Video I/O (output) View up to 4K resolution on external calibrated monitor, via HD-SDI or HDMI

Remote Apps

Apple iPad 3cP Image Control Pro / Lite (App)
Full-service Color Correction and Look creation app for film/video professionals
Exchange images wirelessly between desktop (Image Control) and iPad (3cP Image Control)
Start grading in Image Control desktop and finish the grade in 3cP Image Control for iPad
Test Instruments, Digital Spot Meter, RGB Sliders, Printer Lights, and more
iPhone & iPad
ExpressColor (App)
Basic Color Correction and LUT creator
Export LUTs compatible in Image Control
Color Wheels, Preset Looks, Hue / Saturation Sliders

DP Tools

Digital Spot Meter Take sample points of the digital image
Sample point displayed in R/G/B, mV and f/stop values (8-bit)
Sample point shown on waveform monitor
Perfect tool for conducting camera tests
LUT Creator Simple tools to create custom LUTs
Compatible with every DIT and post-production color system
Easy to use Log to Rec.709 conversion presets
Load LUT into Camera and Monitors Load custom LUTs into hardware:

Arri Amira
Sony F5
Sony F55
Sony FS7
SmallHD DP-7 Pro Field Monitor
Flanders Scientific Monitors (select models)

Dailies Tools

Generate Offline Dailies Provide deliverables for editorial
Export Formats Quicktime (.MOV)
Avid Media (.MXF or .MOV)
DPX Image Sequence
JPEG or TIFF Image Sequence
Codecs Quicktime: ProRes 4444, 422 (HQ), 422, 422 (LT), 422 (Proxy), H.264
Avid Media: DNxHD
Resolution Presets 4K DCI
4K DCI Scope 2.39:1
4K DCI Flat 1.85:1
4k UHD
2k Full Aperture
2k 16:9
2k DCI
2k DCI Scope 2.39:1
2k DCI Flat 1.85:1
HD 1920x1080
HD 1280x720
Quality / Bit Rate Designate compression quality and bit rate for H.264 dailies
Audio Sync Timecode audio syncing with manual slip/slide offsets
Burn-in Provide timecode, filename burn-ins
Header frame Display image metadata on a header frame at the beginning of each exported clip
Aspect Ratio Choose a standard export aspect ratio with letterboxing, or image crop / scaling
LUT / CDL Export Auto-Generate LUT / CDL along with Dailies footage
Export Presets Create custom preset export settings
Batch Export Select any range of clips to generate as individual dailies clips by using an Export Preset
Processing CPU based background dailies encoding

DIT Features

Export Custom LUTs & CDL Academy LUT (.lut)
ASC CDL (.cdl)
Autodesk Flame (.3dl)
Autodesk Generic (.3dl)
Autodesk Lustre (.3dl)
Autodesk Smoke (.3dl)
Color Finesse Preset
Davinci Resolve (.cube)
HDLink Pro (.3dl)
Nucoda (.cms)
Pogle (.m3d)
Scratch (.3dl)
Technicolor DP Lights (.txt)
Truelight Cube (.cube)
Look Reports Generate & transmit before / after reference reports to send along with LUT/CDL to post-production
Data Management Backup Footage to Three Separate Locations
Simultaneous Backups
Background Processing
Verification Methods MD5 Checksum
SHA1 Checksum
Byte-by-Byte Comparison
File Size Comparison
Live Grading Native Support for HDLinkPro
Control multiple HDLinkPro boxes
Easily toggle and change grades
Technical Profiles (Transforms)

Log-C to 709
Canon Log to 709
RedGamma3/RC3 to 709
RedLogFilm/RC3 to 709
SLog2 to 709 (800EI)
SLog2 to 709 (1600EI)
SLog3 to 709 (800EI)
SLog3 to 709 (1600EI)
Panalog to 709
Viper FilmStream to 709
Generic Log to Linear
Generic Linear to Log

RAW Support (native) ARRI RAW
Blackmagic CinemaDNG RAW
Calibration Built-in screen calibration utility
Video I/O Send full screen video out via HDMI or HD-SDI using the latest Blackmagic or AJA PCI / TB / USB3 I/O devices
Metadata Input and edit custom image metadata
Control Surface Support Tangent Wave
Tangent Element
Avid Artist Control
GPU Acceleration Support for Red Rocket Card

System Requirements

Operating System Mac OSX 10.8 or later
Hardware 4 GB RAM recommended
Security Security Dongle required for Full License.
Transfer your license from one machine to another. License is limited to one machine at a time.
Resolution 1440 x 900 minimum screen resolution




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